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Alexander Intuitive-Psychic Medium 

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Live Video Available via Skype or Zoom

Alexander is an internationally known psychic intuitive with a unique approach to working with his clients. Combining his divine gifts and certified coaching training, Alexander is able to offer ongoing psychic insight, as well as practical tools and resources to help you to live your best life. With his divine gifts and academic study, Alexander helps to “balance the mind and heart for healthy outcomes.”

Do you have dreams, desires or goals that seem out of reach?

Do you feel trapped in a cycle of repetitive, unhelpful behavior?

Are you challenged by issues surrounding your:

  • Health?
  • Weight?
  • Life Purpose?
  • Spirituality?
  • Relationship with significant other?
  • Relationships with family?
  • Co-dependency?
  • Work/Life Balance?
  • Finance and Abundance?

Alexander can help.

Alexander Kiernan is a caring and supportive intuitive, mentor, teacher, guide who will work with you to resolve the conflicts and blocks in your life that prevent you from experiencing true joy and happiness.

Alexander's clients are often amazed at the clarity and truth that come through in his readings. They are continually surprised by his understanding of their circumstances and very grateful for the simple, forthright articulation of how they can improve their lives.

With his extensive experience working with individuals, couples and small groups, Alexander can help you work through any road blocks you have come across in your life journey. From helping you identify obstacles to success, or achieving new goals, to removing negative behavior and clearing destructive past life patterns, and more, Alexander will help you find your new, joyful path.